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Future Projects

We are currently exploring a number of schools in Nepal. Once a school has been identified, our company will perform an initial assessment of the resources needed to deliver additional learning opportunities for the students. This will include an analysis of how the school can sustain the program after the initial deployment.

If the school is unable to self-sustain the program, the deployment will be put on hold until the sustainability issue(s) are addressed. The next step is to cost out the planned deployment, hardware, software, infrastructure/power, on-site training and other supplies. If the deployment is within the existing budget of Just Learning Opportunities, we will then move into the detailed planning phase of the project.

After reviewing our detailed plans with the school and any partner organizations, we will seek commitment from the school on the detailed plans along with their commitment for ongoing support for the local resources to sustain the program. We will also require transparency back to Just Learning Opportunities in the progress they are making to achieve the shared goals of the project.

While we are in the process of reaching out to school in Kenya and Nepal in an attempt to find schools seeking the opportunity to partner with us, we hope to expand into other schools in Africa, Central and South America. Have a school you would like us to contact? Please do not hesitate to email us at john@justlearningopportunities.org