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About Us

About the Company

Just Learning Opportunities is currently being organized as a nonprofit organization and we are in the process of filing for a 501(C)(3) tax exemption under the IRS. Our company believes that transparency and open communication are key elements to a successful organization. We are confident that by providing educational opportunities for underserved children in rural areas, we can better the lives of the children, their families, and their larger communities. Just learning Opportunities is making the world a better place through education.

Why Just Learning Opportunities was Founded

The purpose of Just Learning Opportunities is to help fund educational programs for underserved and at-risk children. Often times, Governments and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) do not have adequate funding to support new educational programs for schools. Our company aims to help close these funding gaps and provide enhanced educational opportunities to at-risk children primarily in rural areas. Education allows the children from these countries to gain valuable skills and improve the socioeconomic outlook of their communities. We seek to provide life-long opportunities through education, to families who otherwise would not have the educational means to improve their lives and communities.

About the Founders

The founding members of this company are John Cartwright V and his son John Cartwright VI. John Cartwright V has been with Intel for over twenty years. He has led Intel Education Service Corp (Intel-Education-Service-Corps) trips to Kenya, Haiti, and recently to Nepal. During these trips he and his team have set up computer labs in schools in each of these countries. The labs have been set up to be sustainable and deliver an adaptive learning program on Classmate PC’s. Currently, John is working in the Education Solutions group at Intel.

John Cartwright VI is currently an undergraduate Business student at Gonzaga University. John has helped his father set up the computer labs in in both Kenya and Haiti. He also helped build the computer systems that Intel delivered to a school in Nepal. Both founders believe in the importance of giving back to the communities they have traveled to and the value of education to children around the world.



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